Florida-World Central Kitchen

So I know my posts are usually about a hiking trip, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell you all about my new favorite organization. Not kicking Digdeep.org to the curb, but adding World Central Kitchen to my donation list.

Last week I drove to Panama City to lend a hand wherever needed. A fellow New Orleanian and friend,Tracy, had offered up a place to stay for a couple nights and I ended up at World Central Kitchen, which was set up at one of the Emergency Operation Centers. They manage to crank out 4000-5000 meals a day with a skeleton crew. And I’m not talking about “stand in line for a sandwich” meals. We prepared Moroccan chicken over vegetable rice, pulled pork with potato salad and veggies. Tracy even made Jambalaya one day.

Tracy cooking up Moraccan chicken
Hostess with the mostess, Rebecca and her veggie delight!
Feeding the first responders

A long time cook with the 53rd Infantry of Florida National Guard made us all teary eyed after her speech about how fantastic the food and organization was-and tasting the love in every grain of rice.

World Central Kitchen has set up kitchens and fed millions around the world. California wildfires, Hawaii’s volcano, Indonesia, Haiti, Guatemala. Please…I know how overwhelming it is with so many disasters, but I still hear people say they don’t know what they can do or who to send donations to. Look them up. Read about them. Every little bit helps and they know how to stretch every little bit! Their website tells the stories you need to hear. Amazing people!

Thank you Tracy for hooking me up! Thank you Rebecca for the place to lay my head down and hot coffee! Thanks to all the chefs and volunteers and to you Chef Elsa. I was honored to work side by side with you all!

Spud master
Chef Elsa…she couldn’t yell at me if I was taking her pic. Joking…kinda.

Still signing off as,


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