Florida-part 2

The water was from open hydrants everywhere

After leaving WFC, I went into Panama City and Callaway. The water had just been cleared to drink and some areas have electricity. The damage from fallen trees is EVERYWHERE.

Many businesses are open for limited daytime hours, but so many people are without transportation. I spent most of my time buying gas cans and filling them for those with generators. I met an older man who let me camp in his backyard which had just been cleared of downed trees. He assured me there were no more to fall on me!

Kathy lost her home, her car and was told her business had to go because the owner wants to bulldoze the building. She had no place to store anything so she was walking away from it. I gave her my jambalaya that Tracy packed for me and a hand full of cash. I wanted to tell her it would be ok, but easier said than done. And her smile let me know she thought the same thing.

Every road is lined with cut trees
Every corner a pile of metal

I met people with nothing helping other people with nothing. I’ll be going back on Saturday to help a couple move a trailer of belongings to Pascagoula. Starting a new life.

It will take many years for the trees to come back and almost as many for these people to rebuild. But they do it!

I thank all of you that lined my pockets and I assure you there were many tears and smiles from those on the receiving end. And from myself. Thank you.

As always,


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