If there is one thing I miss about Colorado (besides family), it’s Autumn. So my fast and furious few days were all about family and the hills. And of course the Bronco game tomorrow night!

My mother and I drove up to the Elk Festival in Estes Park. Hundreds of elk come into the area during mating season. Not uncommon to see them lounging in front yards, and at times you can hear the males bugling.

The ride up to the park was beautiful. The aspens have all started changing and will soon be covered in snow.

Today was a day hike with my daughter and grandson. Can I just say high altitude is no joke! Thought I was going to pass out or better yet..die!!

And tomorrow eve we’ll all be gathered, wearing our orange and blue, and screaming at the television.

Go Broncos!


6 thoughts on “Colorado

  1. Beautiful daughter and good looking grandson. Go Broncos! I certainly understand the altitude problems after our trip there in Aug.


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