West Virginia

When hiking WV, you are skimming the border of WV/VA and I seldom knew which state I was in.

We started in Harpers Ferry, WV and hiked south. Then went up to Maryland and hiked back to Harpers Ferry. I ended up in Harpers Ferry 3 times while trying to move my truck north, south and in between. It’s a beautiful little town full of history and the Shenandoah river converges with the Potomac at this point.

I also made my 1000 miles on the trail!

We bought the best rolls from a woman who called herself a “real coal miners daughter”. She showed us photos of her mama and granny. I’d have to say I’ve met the kindest people along the trail and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Actually, Maryland is next! And at the rate I’m going, I might be writing up Maryland on the way home. Almost finished with this hike…I think.

Be kind, be happy!


2 thoughts on “West Virginia

  1. Wow! Amazing pictures and adventure! Congratulations on the 1000 miles! You are such an inspiration! Love every step of the way.. ❤️


  2. Congrats on he 1000 miles. We are proud of you. We had a lot of rain yesterday. More forecast for today. Stay safe.


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