Finishing VA was a long time coming. VA is the longest section on the trail at 550 miles. I had around 35 miles to finish, which included the dreaded roller coaster. Not extremely hard, just extremely monotonous with 13 miles straight up and down and no flats between.

VA started out with flooding rains. At the end of day 2? we hiked down a very steep and long switchback of giant, slick stones to reach the Blackburn Center. So far the hardest part of the trail. I dreaded the thought of climbing out of there, but when we got to the center we discovered a road to salvation! Or at least to a laundromat! Mary the caretaker from New Orleans gave us a ride to town so we could dry everything and she will be getting a package of her favorite things from home!

So many cherries, but they are 30-40 feet up and if they hit the ground, they are either half eaten or not yet ripe. I wish I could train one of the squirrels!

Our last evening together, Bison and I decided to visit Dinosaur Land. Is what it is…

There have been a couple storms at night, but the weather has been beautiful the last few days. Heats coming, but the woods keep it cooler!

Virginia is a long hike and besides the large hiker drop rate in Georgia, the other big hiker drop is here. If it’s not injury, it’s the Virginia blues or sheer boredom. With me it was injury, but I’d have to say I loved VA.

Escaping the rain!

Up next…West Virginia.

Until then,


3 thoughts on “Virginia

  1. Sounds like another grand adventure! You are doing it! Keep safe and sending amazing pictures! We miss you! 😘


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