Back At It

Been awhile, but here I go again. Back to the trail in a couple weeks. I’ll be driving up to Front Royal, which is where I left off last hike, and will meet a friend. We are going to have 2 cars so we plan on leap frogging. I really only have a few weeks, so after drive time I’m hoping to finish up Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and get into Pennsylvania. Each state is only a small section so it should be around 140 miles.

Nice diet! Yes, there really is a tuna packet with beans and rice in it, but it does make a great burrito. At least for hikers (don’t do any of this at home!).

And once again I’d like to bring up my favorite charity, It’s hard to believe there are people in America that have never had running water. Try it for a few days. I can guarantee you won’t like it. So if you can find it in your couch, pocket, wallet or in your heart, they can use it!

Mountains have a way of dealing with overconfidence- Hermann Buhl

Until then,

Dig Deep

7 thoughts on “Back At It

  1. It will be good medicine to be in the mountains. Growing up I took it for granted. Now I miss the mountains. Good hiking.


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