Funky Town Farm

Nope I’m not back on the trail, but if I can’t for now I thought I would at least say “hi” and tell you what I’m up to. 

I’m living life in the Lower 9th Ward and loving it! I started off by building a few garden boxes and just when I thought all was ruined with flooding rains this spring, the gardens sprung!

Getting ready to build several more boxes and plant my fall/winter garden. I’ve been eating herbs and veggies every day and want to make it year round. This morning I harvested enough herbs for tea all winter!

Also pulled a bunch of French shallots, which are wonderful in fresh scrambled eggs. Yup, I’ve got chickens. They are my Funky Town stripper chicks. Krystal, Diamond, Blue, Foxy, Angel and my favorite Bitty.

They are beautiful, but clueless as the Mississippi Kite Hawk sits watching.

Chili is just scratching his head and wondering what’s next. I haven’t yet told him about the milk goat that is joining us in the spring!

So no hiking until it cools off some and I don’t think I can get back on the AT until later next year. I still think about it everyday and I can’t wait. 

My life is good and I hope yours is as well. Still kickin!   Digdeep

P.S. I’m about to hit the publish button, but haven’t done this in awhile so forgive me if it comes out all crazy looking!

6 thoughts on “Funky Town Farm

  1. Love it! Chili goes to Funky Town!
    I can’t wait to meet the ladies especially bitty (though is that a stripper name?). Lol. You have a beautiful farm!


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