A day in Pearisburg,VA. Daddy Long Legs is the hiker giving the peace sign.

Today REI released a new short documentary on YouTube and if you have time it’s worth 37 minutes of your time. It’s called Paul’s Boots and I had the privilege of spending my 1st night on the trail with those boots, Daddy Long Legs and the camera crew. I ran into Daddy Long Legs a couple months later when I was laid up in Pearisburg and he was suffering from shin splints. He summited Katahdin on October 1st. Really proud of him!  Watch the video. You get a better idea of those rocks I kept complaining about!

I ♡ hikers-Digdeep 

P.S. Found this guy today and he really needs a good home. Please!

Please take me home
I’m only a puppy and I’m smart.

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