Day 3 and 4

My Selfie. Does this photo make me look like a white man?

Finally made it 20+ miles yesterday (only made 19 on day 2. Blackberry milkshake killed me) and it didn’t  completely do me in! Not rain, nor heat and humidity, or even a graceful faceplant on wet leaves could stop me. Then I met a hiker that had done 28 and was continuing on for a few more. My bubble deflated only a tiny bit.

Easy peasy


Not so easy peasy
Chili also took a tumble on the rock scrambles, but seems ok. Scraped his elbow. The photos are of Bearfence Mtn. It would have been a great scramble without the backpack. I didn’t stay in any of the huts (shelters are called huts in Shenandoah) because Chili turns into freak dog at night and I chose to get a few more miles in.

Chili was in deer heaven!
Today we made it 18 miles, so I’m thinking I might finish in the next couple days. The rain has stopped and now it’s just hot! I saw a couple more hawks and a bald eagle today. Plenty of deer, and there was something large in the brush last night, which made hiking before sunlight a little scary. I’m finding 10 miles before lunch and a long break is best. Gives you time to dry out and stretch. 

Forest fire
More forest fire

Last May, while hiking in NC, we kept hearing about the fire in the Shenandoahs and now I’m hiking through it. You can still smell it, but it’s amazing how much has recovered.

Some leaves are changing. Not much yet.
This poster cracked me up!

Last of the flowers. Nothing like hiking in spring. Still beautiful!

So off we go. So much more to see and only 11 hours of daylight!

Until tomorrow, Digdeep 

5 thoughts on “Day 3 and 4

  1. Kris, u r amazing glad u have Chili with u. Be safe and enjoy your extraordinary journey. I am in awe of u more and more with every post.



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