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“He was a killer, a thing that preyed, living on the things that lived, unaided, alone, by the virtue of his own prowess, surviving in a hostile environment where only the strong survive.”  Jack London, Call of the Wild

NOT. While Chili may be ready to hike, he’s definitely no “Buck”!!  I’m just hoping he isn’t  intimidated by a rabbit, let alone a bear.

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We leave Thursday for our long drive to Waynesboro, VA, the southern entrance to the Shenandoah section of the AT. From there we hike to Front Royal, VA, the northern entrance, and a total of 107 miles. I’ve worked on the injured leg for the last couple months and I’m pretty hopeful that it shouldn’t give me too many troubles. To be honest, I’m more concerned about “crap car” making it the 2000 miles. Send positive car vibes, please!

I’m excited to get back on the trail after slaving away on the house. Looking forward to carrying a lighter pack (by 7lbs), cool mornings, a breath of fresh air, maybe catching some changing leaves, and of course, chalking off another section!

Reminder… A little goes a long way.

Happy Trails-Digdeep

12 thoughts on “Shenandoah

  1. C H I L I! Never seen him before. He doesn’t look too sure about this journey or his outfit. He looks cute tho. I’m sure (I hope) you’ll be glad to have your buddy with you and him glad to be with you. Happy trails and quit calling it a crap car. You may give it some ideas.


  2. i was in oregon this summer and hiked just a little of the pacific crest trail and it wet my appetite for a looonngg hike in the future ! maybe next summer !!u have inspired me!!


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