Healing and Planning

Busy month. I have finally moved into my home (living out of boxes and sleeping on an air mattress), and I’ve also moved into a new work space. Yup, two moves and I’m still standing. My leg seems to have held up very well and I think it’s ready for a trial on a trail! 

Next week I’m heading up to Denver and I’m planning on a good day hike. Something steep and rocky as a test. But my larger scale plan is scheduled for September when I had planned on hiking part of the Pinhoti Trail. I started thinking about it and realized if I want to finish the AT, I need to stick to it. I’ll be heading up to Virginia  (send prayers for crap car), and I’ll hike the Shenandoah section, which is 105 miles. Yay! Planning really is the fun part.

Hoping you will enjoy following along on the mini trips.

For Now…


P.S. Why does downloading the “upgrades” always make things harder. Not sure what this post will look like, so bear with me. Denise, I need your help!

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