One Week

I’ve been home one week and it seems like months, but then again, it seemed like I was gone forever. My re-entry felt like a crash landing at first and I’ve been laying low, just testing the waters. I’ve looked at my photos at least 100 times and I really miss the trail. I miss the ice cold streams, fresh clean air, all the green that goes on forever. Sometimes I miss the bears!


My legs don’t seem to miss the rock climbing. I have pain that is up and down, but pretty constant. My goal is to be pain free in time to hike in September so I can get these old tired legs ready for another section of the AT next summer. This September I’ve planned a short trip to a Trail Days festival in Dahlonega, Georgia and then I will hike the southern portion of the Pinhoti Trail in Alabama. This time Chili Cheese Dog gets to hike with me. And anyone else wanting to abuse their feet for a few days.

Chili Cheese Dog

FOR NOW…I will be moving in to my house in the Lower 9th next month. Found myself an old Subaru to get me around for a bit and I’m looking for a space to work out of. Until then, I’m going stir crazy. And this means you get more photos!

Bridge at Catawba Creek
Back in Georgia
Made a few stops on the way home
You can find little hikes anywhere, if you just pull over and look
Last campsite on way homr

Ok. Stay with me…I’m not done yet!

“Great things are done by a series of small things being brought together. ”
Vincent Van Gough


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