Last Day (for now)

Knew it was coming for a few weeks now, but I wasn’t quite ready. The last couple days put me over the edge.

A holes

My first day started out great. Beautiful skies, no rain and plenty to see. When I got to the area I had planned to camp, I found out the water source was bad and I ended up having to hike 14 miles. I’d say the last 6 were more of a limp. Then I started out today sore and would have to hike 16 because a shelter was closed due to bear problems. The leg is done.
A very kind hiker carried my pack to a dirt road  about 7 miles down and waited until I hitched a ride. When you are slowing down someone else’s hike, you know it’s time to get off the trail. Time for the dreaded MRI. So I hitched into a little town and I’m working on a ride to Roanoke to pick up a rental car. Should be home by Friday.
Am I sad? Yes, but I’m not done yet. I’m now what hikers call a “LASH”. Long Ass Section Hiker. I will escape the city whenever I can and hike another section until I’m standing on Katahdin!
Until then, these are some of the things that kept me going.





Wow. I think there are elves in there.

And this was my reward at the top of McAfee Knob. My reason to go a couple more days.


Plenty more photos and stories to tell. All for another day. And once again, thanks for your positive comments, texts and most of all the donations to Everyone deserves clean water and I know I’ve had my share lately!
As Dr. Suess always said
“Don’t cry because it’s over, be happy because it happened”

17 thoughts on “Last Day (for now)

  1. Wow, Cheech, you are persistent. Happy for how far you got. There must be a reason we don’t yet understand for why you needed to stop now. Safe travels home!


  2. I’m so sorry Kris.but I’m glad u r smart enough to listen to your body..You got to see such what a beautiful country we have and yes knowing u u will finish in time.u r Wigan Washaka.


  3. LASH it up! I’m working on my lung capacity etc., so I can tagalong a bit when you make it up my way.
    You are a groove. Talk soon, Katie G


  4. You are an inspiration! Thank you for bringing us on your amazing adventure and it’s not over yet… We love you!


  5. The dr seuss quote at the end is right on time!! Cheers to u for making those miles & experiencing the beauty & i hope your legs recover quickly!


  6. Cheech. I’m just now checking in on you and seeing this… Dang it!!! But WOW and AMAZING, too. Sending my best wishes for you.


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