Bears, Bears, Bears

Everyone tells you the states with the most bears are Georgia and New Jersey. I would say Virginia is bear crazy! I have seen or heard bears at least a few times a week and more shelters have closed because of bears becoming aggressive.

Male bear

The male bears are more aggressive and will come out day or night. They are the ones usually stealing food bags and don’t scare easily. The females like coming out at night and run unless you are too close to cubs.

Momma and 2 cubs
Go Away!!

Wanting a photo and trying to get one while freaking out are two different things. That last pic was zoomed in because I would never be able to take one that close while shaking. He was still way too close!

Besides bears, saw this one in TN
Smells so sweet out here
Tree tulips

So I must admit that I’m not sure how much farther my injuries will let me hike. I’ve looked into flights home a couple times this week, but there is always something that changes my mind. Today it was this….

4 thoughts on “Bears, Bears, Bears

  1. I am happy you found things to change your mind!!! Keep going… Slow and steady!!!! But not at the risk of permanent injury or worse…. So listen to your body…. Just be sure in doing so to tune out your mind. The mind challenge defeat is one of your great victories and rewards!!


  2. You have seen so many beautiful things and traveled so far………you are enough! Follow your heart


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