Day One

The way out of town by ridgeline

After days of rest my backpack felt like 100lbs., but I’m back on the trail and made it 8 miles to first campsite. My leg feels like caca and tomorrow is 11 miles to next camp with water source. Don’t know if I mentioned this, but water weighs 2.2lbs per liter. Normally you can carry 1.5 and make it a few miles to the next stream. It’s hot and humid and I could go through a gallon in no time. Plus cooking water. So, tomorrow will also be caca.

Ridgeline view from town. Did this today.
I start with the uphill tomorrow. 4m up, 3m down
These mushrooms are everywhere, but hard to get good photo
Back in the emerald forest

Tired and hungry. Hiker midnight (8pm) comes all too soon.

6 thoughts on “Day One

  1. You give “you go girl” digging deeper depths. Damn. And everyone thought going to Thailand was bold.


  2. One foot in front of the other and lots of fffffft sounds when you exhale. Maybe the trail Angels will leave a cooler chest tomorrow. They know how inclines can be!
    “Awesome ain’t easy. NO WHITE FLAGS”


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