Who Said VA Was Easy


Everyone looks forward to putting in huge miles in “flat” Virginia. While I’ve experienced some easier trail, I’ve also experienced more rock climbing and horrible weather. But it’s super green and beautiful.

Rhododendrons in bloom


Parts of the trail will wind through rhododendron bushes and it’s like walking in a garden. With all the rain, everything is in full bloom. The berries are just starting to form and I’m looking forward to competing with the bears next month!



Mushroom or a tongue?

So we need the rain, but every day and night and torrential?  And on top of it, I got rid of most winter clothes and a wet down sleeping bag does not keep you warm at 33°. The sun finally came out today and I’ve had a chance to dry out my tent, socks…..everything.
On the other hand there is no shortage of water for drinking, soaking sore foot, or washing out the wet socks!

See I'm taking care of it

One day, the trail was following a river from up above for most of the day. I passed over it about a half dozen times. It makes you wonder if you are hiking in circles.

This guy made the lumber to build...
This bridge that went over...
This river. Nice looking down on trees for a change.
Whoops. Too much rain.

At the end of the day, it’s all good and chill!
Wish you were all here,

Tiny bit of our days end. Can’t see the guy playing guitar, but he sang us to sleep for a couple nights. Wonderful.

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