One More Before I Go Back To No Service

Towards the top of Mount Rogers

Grayson Highlands State Park is huge!
This means I got to climb Whitetop Mtn and Mt Rogers all in the same horrible storm.
Just as I reached the summit of Whitetop, I shot a little video to show the view, or lack of, as the storm was about to hit. I put my phone in a plastic bag and was trying to get my rain gear out when all !#???■ broke loose. The winds became so fierce and freezing that I actually became a LITTLE scared. I made it to the rock outcropping called Buzzard Rock and tucked in to get some extra clothes on. Almost lost my pack cover in the wind and out of no where a guy jumps into the rocks, also trying to look for some protection. We couldn’t stay there so we had to make a sideways run for it. The video is actually taken before the real storm hit.

The next mountain wasn’t much better. Rains kept up for a couple days and the wind was crazy.

Laying inside the shelter and wondering if I would swim to the privy

Now if any of you have heard of Grayson Highlands, you know it’s the home of wild ponies. I had been dreaming of the day I could see them and this storm was ruining my chances because they dissappear into the forests in bad weather.

The trail

Why, Why, Why???
To be continued because every time I post too much it doesn’t work.
The suspense!

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