All About Damascus

Hiker entrance

Once again there has been so much to talk about and I’ve had no service for the week. It leaves me talking out loud while hiking and this seems to work better than wearing bells to alert bears.
This post is about Damascus, VA. My new favorite town and on my list of towns to consider for future years.
It’s a hiker haven and the trail runs right down main street and back out the other end to join the Creeper Trail for a bit. Damascus is surrounded by 6 popular trails and every year they hold a 3 day festival call Trail Days. About 20,000 hikers, tourists and locals show up for music, food, and giveaways by huge hiking/sports venders.


I stayed at a church hostel that just asks for a donation. The caretaker “bayou” is an old curmudgeon originally from New Orleans, but a softy at heart! He fed us a great spaghetti dinner and snuck me an extra towel after going on and on about a one towel limit.
The town is so beautiful and I spent a couple hours walking around enjoying the the trails and a river that runs through town. I was jealous of the guys out fishing and really wished I had some extra time and a pole. On my way out of town I had to cross one of the bridges and a guy was reeling in a nice trout. Mmmm breakfast!

At night this bridge is lit up with tiny lights
Best swimming hole I've seen in awhile
Trail comes into town thru a backyard


They seem to have a sense of humor

The town people in Damascus were wonderful and I’m looking forward to Trail Days next year.

My kind of house
Surrounded by mountains

Until next time, goodnight Damascus!


As Always,

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