Back On

Seems like an eternity, but my foot is finally trying to help me out some. I guess everything happens for a reason and if I had to get off the trail ,Asheville  was the place to stay. I had the best visit with my grandaughters and was sad to leave them. And thanks for the bacon, Brandon!

Trail runs through Hotsprings NC
French Broad River in Hotsprings NC

Once the trail hits the Great Smoky Mtns, it follows the NC/TN border. One minute you’re in one state and the next in the other. Towards the top it finishes up in TN and mellows out a wee bit. Much nicer on my foot. Bears have become a big problem and a hiker was bitten and two tents shredded. A couple shelters have been closed, which makes hiking distance a little longer.

Unused shelter. Reminds me of New Orleans. Hard lean to the left!


Crossed into VA, which is the longest state to get through at 550 miles. I’ve done 5!
Everything is so lush and it smells wonderful. Rain is also plentiful and makes for a slippery slope and at times I’m literally doing baby steps because I really want to stay on the trail.

Someone was kind enough to move the rocks off the trail.
Wouldn't move off the trail
Pink lady's slipper

As hard as things get, there is so much beauty here. Don’t want to miss any of it!
Still truckin,

9 thoughts on “Back On

  1. So glad to hear you rested up in Asheville! I suspect it will continue to be lush since much of VA has had
    record rain. Keep going slow. And if you have a different cell number please let me know. I’m still on board to meet up. Somewhere. Somehow.


  2. so happy you are back on the trail and blogging. i was beginning to worry! it looks like you could use a set of those snap on golf cleats for the slippery slopes. does fedex deliver to the shelter???

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  3. We miss you SOOO much. I’m happy you feel better, but sad you’re not here anymore. Saying prayers for you every day ❤ You are AMAZING.

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  4. So sorry to hear about your foot!! You are a rockstar for continuing through with a fracture! Glad to hear you made the decision to give it some time to heal and am impressed with your perseverance! Keep going! Love the journey! Digdeep and great treasures are yours to keep!! Miss you…


  5. Great update! Like the cleats on shoes idea. Stay safe, warm and free of snakes and bears. Let us know if you need anything. Love and Miss you!!


  6. Glad you are back at it and love seeing pics of the trail! Be safe! Let us know if we can help in anyway!


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