Off Trail Update

Short update. I went to a chiropractor and had an xray done on my foot. There is a fracture in the 4th metatarsal and could take another month to heal. Trail angel Donna was kind enough to drive me 85 miles to Asheville and I’m staying at my grandaughters house. Luckily, my other grandaughter just flew in this morning so I get to visit with both. We will drive up to Hotsprings on Saturday and I can get back on the trail on Sunday. The trail goes right through hotsprings so I will only be skipping 90 miles of the Smokies. I plan on coming back down to finish it when I’ve completed the rest in Sept/Oct.
Not the end of the world….


7 thoughts on “Off Trail Update

  1. Love reading about your adventure and the vast determination you have! You are a badass, rockstar, shero! Keep it up! And keep being kind to your feet! They have a lot of years of use left! Hugs!


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