An Even Better Day

Sassafras Shelter

Got an early start and made it to the top of the 1st mountain on time to see the fog from above.


While I was at the top I decided to call a hostel and see if they could shuttle me in from Stecoah Gap. No room at the
inn and the shuttle would leave before I could hike down. Bummer. Before I could shut my phone off, I received a call from a woman named Donna. A super trail angel! She invited me to stay in her home. I’m staying in her loft with a private bath and four cats. It took me almost 6 hrs to make it down to the gap and another trail angel handed me a rootbeer and offered me a ride so I didn’t have to hitch. Tomorrow we will go to town and possibly have my foot looked at and make a decision. Hopefully an easy decision. In the meantime I’m dry and happy!

My room
Her property

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