Part 2

Standing Indian shelter

Hobbled into a dry shelter to set up my wet gear and we had another huge thunderstorm that night. It was good rain and put out a forest fire that was threatening my hike for the next day.

Hiker laundry day

Took the morning off to dry everything and hiked 5 miles to Betty Creek, where I found a great spot in the rhododendron and by a great stream.
Up early to tackle Mt Albert. Took me several hrs to get up and over all the boulders. Literally felt more like a rock climber. Best part was reaching the top and having a 20 something boy call me a “badass”. I’ll take it!

Pics can't show how steep and big this is!
Tower on top. Of course you have to climb.
View from top

Made my way down the other side and the trail followed a stream.

Literally. The rocks were the trail.

Long day. Made it to Rock Gap and hitched a ride in to Franklin for supplies.

Home for the day. Paper bathmats!

So, icing the foot, grabbing supplies and back out to the trail in the morning.
Trying to cram in as many veggies as I can while in town. No phone service for a week and it’s a little overwhelming to try and respond to everyone, but love you all.
Forgot…another small milestone.


6 thoughts on “Part 2

  1. I’m very proud of you, I know you have it in you to see it through to the finish. Don’t think too much just hike. Good vibes sent your way.


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