North Carolina

Georgia done!

Warning…this post will probably be about three post because so much has happened in the past week. I’m going to try not to ramble to much, but tell the story with photos and captions. Here we go.

So the toe was getting better and I got back on the trail to finish off Georgia.

Food supply for 6 days

Made my way into NC, thinking the trail was rather pleasant…

Green knolls

Made my way around corner and met a new friend.

My new friend

Rounded yet another corner.

Uphill boulder climb for a mile

Made it to the shelter after 8 grueling miles and beat the worst storm.

Until the storm blew into the shelter, soaking me and all my belongings.
Hiked 7 miles in the rain the next day and fell down a 6 ft mud embankment twisting my ankle. Covered in mud and I mean covered.

Flooded trail

Had to digdeep!

7 thoughts on “North Carolina

  1. Am glad you’re okay, despite the ankle. That storm looked fierce. Am loving your posts of the changing landscape. What an adventure!


  2. Your 6 days of food looked meager especially after climbing the rocky trails. You will look like Twiggy when you finish. I love reading your posts and learning how you had to dig deep to make it another day….inspiring!


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