Nero’s and Zero’s

Have hiked the ridgeline of the mountains in the background

After performing triple bypass surgery on my toe, I have been back on the trail for 3 days and it’s getting much better.
The day I got off the trail is called a Nero because I still hiked a few miles to get to a road crossing for Hiawassee. When I hitched back out, I started back at the same spot I got off so I’m still considered a “purist'”. Now I have hiked 20 something miles around Hiawassee and will hitch back in on the other side to take a Zero for Sunday since I have to wait for post office to open on Monday and I need a week of resupply to get to Franklin, NC. A full day off means laundry, shower and pizza!

Indian Grave Gap
Trail through a gap

The trail has been a little better these last couple days, but still killing me. Hoping the trail legs kick in soon. Proprietor of Top of Georgia hostel gives a talk every evening and last night it was about the drop out rate. Apparently there has been a larger number this year and is expected to be 50% by the end of April. Most hikers are moving too fast, which I don’t have to worry about! The last few days I have seen very few people hiking and maybe half a dozen at campsites. The woman I was hiking with sped up, rolled her ankle and has been laid up for 3 days. I’ll take slow!



Hope all is well in your world….
P.S. Saw the butt of a bear as he ran over the other side of knoll. Three bear encounters, that I know of. Yikes

12 thoughts on “Nero’s and Zero’s

  1. I love these updates…..feel as if in some tiny very comfortable way I am sharing the adventure if anybody can finish it is you


  2. Love reading your updates and following your journey! Miss you but am enjoying the vicarious adventure. Hope the trail legs kick in.


  3. Glad the toe is better! I know those trail legs are getting more awesome every day! U rock! Its rrally cool to follow your journey through your writing. I am thinking about trying a 3 day backpacking trip at the start of the trail at apringer mtn! Good luck and enjoy that pzza and shower!!!


  4. First, I just went rogue and signed up our sweet and sassy Patrick for your updates. Perhaps a first hand account will help dispel his theory that you are “on the lam” rather than on a glorious and challenging adventure. Second, thank you so much for the wisdom of your go slow approach. Which is about being present and letting the whole thing unfold.

    For me, it was a well-timed read and reminder. For you, doing it your way, well, it’s everything.

    Have fun and be well.

    Love Katie G.


  5. Cheech, Katie hooked me up with your blog! I’m so impressed! In my teens I packed in the Sangre De Christo Mountains in New Mexico and barely survived. I lost 25 lbs. in 18 days.
    I’ll be following you on your journey and sending positive energy.
    “Just keep swimming” Dory
    Love Patrick


  6. Down Deep. This is my third try so glad your toe is getting better. Keep on trucking.those boots r made for walking. Tee Her. Love u.


  7. Your photography is fabulous and your writing pulls me into your experience. I’m grateful I don’t get blisters and muscle cramps reading your blog.


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