Trail Angels and Trail Magic

#7 Eagle

Just hitched a ride into Hiawassee to see a Dr about my foot. It’s a blister that has become infected under a callus and I had never heard of such a thing, but luckily another hiker had experience with them. Requires a bit of cutting and a few stitches, with 2 or 3 weeks off the trail. I started taking some antibiotics and hoping for the best! I think I’ll be back on the trail tomorrow….

Church trail angels
And their trail magic

Trail Angels are people who bring treats, water, whatever to the trail. Sometimes they set up tables and grills and do BBQ, or sometimes they leave coolers full of drinks. All of these things are Trail Magic. We have run into trail magic almost every day. The best was this church group that let us know where to be by 5:30 the next day. They brought beef stew, veg lasagna, spaghetti, salad, brownies and sweet tea. At the same time someone else showed up with two cases of beer, coffee packets, candy bars and bandaids! I’m going to gain weight on the trail!

This morning

We have had some wicked hikes these last few days. Several people have dropped off the trail.

Boulder trail

There was a 2 mile section that was like rock climbing. The pic above was the beginning easy section. It got so bad that there was no way I could get my phone out to take a pic. It took me almost 3 hrs to get over the rock section. I haven’t cried yet, but with a bad toe I came so close until I saw my friend Bison bawling her head off. It made me feel better (shhhh).

8 thoughts on “Trail Angels and Trail Magic

  1. Finally digging in to your blog, DD! Sounds like you’ve got this. Tomorrow is the start of jazz festival and Passover. Anybody carrying matzo on the trail? LOL!


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