Day 1-5 Springer Mountain to Neels Gap

Top of Springer Mtn. First white blaze.

Day one…what the hell was I thinking. I have to say this is a hundred times harder than I ever imagined, but can’t say I’d rather be anywhere else.

The day started with a crazy shuttle ride to the base of Springer. Nine twenty four year olds, a 72 year old, and myself. Guess who I’m hiking with. Bugsy is from Colorado and hikes a lot so she kicks butt. We hiked together the whole day and made it to Hawk Mountain at 8.3 miles.

A walk in the woods

Day two we hiked over 3 small (???) ridges and Sassafras Mountain, which hikers call Kickyourass mtn. and spent the night in Cooper Gap. I have muscles screaming and am already about to lose some toenails.
The trail is more an obstacle course at times. The rocks are knee high and to step over them is really difficult with a 35 lb pack on your back. I’ve only fallen backwards once, creating the turtle pose.

Just had to add this one

Day three we hiked Justice Mtn and stopped after 5 miles because a storm was coming in. The shelter held 14 hikers and we fit 17 plus 3 under it, 1 on the picnic table and 2 under the table. The people I’ve met are really the kindest and stinkiest!

We drink right from the stream if it comes out a mtn

Day four I woke up at 5 am and listened to Peach pack up his pack to start his final hike of 18 miles to Springer. He was a southbound hiker and finishing. He gave away everything he will no longer need, but my pack is still exploding. We started early and made it to Lance Creek for a wet night. On the way I saw three huge eagles that were soaring within 50 ft from me. NICE!

Blood Mountain Shelter

Day five, today, we hiked the dreaded Blood Mountain. Tallest mountain in Georgia and one mile straight up, two miles down. All of it is scrambling over boulders. When we made it to Neels Gap at the bottom, some guy we met decided we deserved pizza so he ordered us a couple. Four pieces. Hiker hunger is kicking in!

If you look close you will see the boots of those that have dropped out. The tree was so full they put a pile on the side.
View from top. Little hazy.
Inside Blood Mountain Shelter

Right now we are splurging and staying in a cheap motel in Blairsville, Georgia. Laundry done, showers done and I’m done!

13 thoughts on “Day 1-5 Springer Mountain to Neels Gap

  1. I think the comment I left on a previous post never did actually post… So I will now reiterate and add to it!
    I am so inspired and in awe of you doing this and, after reading this post especially and even more so, excited and thankful to be joining you in this journey! So keep posting!!! I am looking forward to enjoying the ride and experience (vicariously)! Amazing!! You are amazing, too! Wishing you a fantastical and magical enlightened journey, beyond any and all expectations, and more fruitful than you could even have wished!!!!


  2. An amazing first five days. That shower must have felt so good, and it was probably the most delicious pizza you’ve ever had. Probably even beat Pizza Delicious!


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