Ready – Not Ready – Ready or Not

My backpack keeps exploding

How is it I have REPACKED my backpack several times and each time I have removed items I believe I can live without, and my pack is heavier than the first weight?!? It’s called second guessing, of which I am the master. So now I’m just settling with Ready or Not.
My three rules for the first three weeks of the hike are:
Take baby steps
Take as much ibuprofen as you want
Don’t care what others think of you as you are stumbling up a mountain, crying.

Big snow

I did, however, survive the Colorado March blizzard of 2016 and I kinda liked it. Snow is not bad when you are not in the dirty, gritty city, and hiking at 25° in dry climate feels about the same temperature as my bedroom in a New Orleans humid winter. Maybe warmer!

Poor trees

So I’m back in New Orleans and praying every morning for a cold front since I have only winter clothes until I leave for Georgia on Saturday.
And packing and repacking and second guessing… Do I really need toilet paper?

10 thoughts on “Ready – Not Ready – Ready or Not

  1. Glad you are back in NOLA even though it is a short stay. The pecan trees have not sprouted leaves yet means a cold front can still happen. As for toilet paper, slide rolls down your walking stick.


  2. Take the toliet paper honey….just till u get ised to the leaves. Cant believe u r doing this…’s awesome. Good Luck


  3. Finally came to check out your site and I am excited to take this journey with you (me cyberly of course!). What an awesome adventure and as it is now a reality and not just the plan, I am more keenly aware of what an impressive undertaking!!! I hope for you a fantastical and magical experience!! I can’t wait to read it unfold…


    1. I’m proud of you, this sounds like a cool bucket list item. I’ m hoping week 1 was/is a success so far. How much does your pack weigh? Keep taking those baby steps, one foot in front of the other, you’re going to do great on this hike.


  4. “Don’t care what others think of you when you are stumbling UP a mountain, crying.” That’s genious. Your amazing! (snowball…bidet?)


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