Outta Nola

Imagine thinking you have only a couple small errands to run, a couple loose ends to tie up and a couple days to go before you head out for a month in Denver.
Then imagine walking out the door to run those errands and your car is gone. Yup. Two days before I left, my car was stolen and the next night was involved in an accident and a total loss. Of course the thief got away and insurance will pay me what they think it’s worth. At least I don’t need to store it for 7 months!



The house my dad built in the park

After sleeping my first 36 hours in Denver, I felt like Rocky and decided to see how long it would take for the altitude at 6500ft, to kill me. It took about 220 stairs at Red Rocks park, my high school stomping grounds and one of the most beautiful places. Tomorrow I’ll attempt 250 or have a heart attack. The heart attack would probably feel better!
Till next time…hopefully a next time,

8 thoughts on “Outta Nola

  1. What a shock having your car stolen! So glad you were not stolen. This journey has already started with a big surprise.


  2. Bummer! Not how you planned to shed incumberences I’m sure. It’s Thursday and I’ve been acutely aware of your absence today. You are missed. Thanks for sharing your beautiful place. Ann


  3. You have a great attitude about the loss of your car. Weren’t you going to store things in it? Your pictures are beautiful.


  4. I can’t believe your car was stolen! I bet you’re loving life now though… Can’t wait to see more of your travels❤️❤️❤️


  5. Hey, so sorry I missed you, former neighbor! I got back from exile-in-Portlandia-acupuncture-school right before you left, and your phone (or our connection…?) wasn’t working the many times I tried to call. Can’t wait to see you after your big adventure! So excited for you to dig deep into the trail, and into yourself. May blessings, fortitude, grace, and inspiration rain down on you and well up through you!


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