Goodbye House


When you live in your home for several years, you forget how horrible it is to pack up and move. Each time I say I’ll never do it again, but it’s a lie!
March 1st I’ll be heading to Denver for a few weeks, where I will visit with family and do a daily hike at high altitude, getting myself ready for my thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. Let’s face it, New Orleans is not the ideal place to prepare for a hike. Walking up and down the 20ft high levee just doesn’t cut it.
I’ll be starting my hike the end of March and finishing around October. Then my second move from storage into my little house in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans.
I’ll be posting here about once a week when I have phone service and I’m hoping to send you thrilling pics of me chasing a bear up a tree, or wrestling a moose to the ground. Maybe even extracting venom from the rattlesnakes I come across.
Let’s just hope I make it past the first day!
Next post I reveal my trail name. Woohoo

9 thoughts on “Goodbye House

  1. I meant to write this earlier but I wanted to say thank you for the letter and that you were the best neighbor that we could ever ask for! Adam, Laura and I wish you godspeed.


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